мобильный покер

How to play Texas Hold'em Poker in MOPO Club

1. Game entrance

Use navigation joystick and left/right softkeys for navigation. The first screen you'll see is a login screen. There you should enter your login and password, or use REGISTER button if you are not registered yet. Also on this screen you can restore forgotten password by using menu that can be shown by pressing left softkey.

Please note, that all following screens require Internet connection, so use Connection Help button if you have any troubles with connection.

2. Main menu

After logging-in to the game, you can see the screen with a main menu and brief statistics of your account. To play for play money, please use the button "Play", to play for real money, use button "Real money". You can also easily access your private mail account or send this game to your friend.

3. Game type selection

Now its time to select the game type and stakes for it. You can change the type of game using arrows left/right (limit, pot limit, no limit), and the blinds by arrows up and down. On this screen you can use an additional menu (left soft key) to quickly join the last table you played at ("Play as usual" menu item) or find a specific table by its number or a name of the player who is sitting at it ("find table" menu item).

4. Room and table selection

After selecting a game type and blinds you have to select the room, and the table you want to play at (below the list of tables you can find names of players who are playing at the selected table).

5. Take place

Choose a free place and sit by pressing its number on phone's dial pad, or if your phone supports touch screen, just click on the free place you want to sit on.

6. Buy-in

On buy-in screen you can add money to your account, or if you are playing play-money, you can request more of them. Requesting more play money is absolutely free, but you can't request them if you have enough on your account or if 5 minutes haven't passed since your previous request.

7. Game process

To act at the table, use buttons 1, 2 and 3 of your phone's dial pad, or use navigation joystick, or touch screen. In-turn options are activated the same way, but can be turned off by pressing same button again. After the hand is over, showdown message is displayed on the top of the screen.

8. In-game menu

You can access the ingame menu by pressing right softkey (or touch screen). Using this menu you can leave the table, stand up, go to your message inbox, quickly change the status of auto-blinds option and edit other game settings.